Crews disembark from Nicholas (alongside wharf) and O’Bannon (outboard) for the last time at Pearl Harbor, 30 January 1970.
1169K Survey of USS Nicholas, 19 November 1969. Message: Striking of USS Nicholas, 18 December 1969.
575K News Release, 28 January 1970.
1674K Decommissioning Invitation and Decommissioning Ceremony Program.
89K Newspaper article: “Last Hurrah for Oldtimers of Navy Destroyer Fleet.”
321K Bill of Sale.
In November 1969, Nicholas was surveyed and found to be “unfit for further service” as she had not been modernized and her “capabilities were not up to fleet standards.” Accordingly, she was ordered striken from the Naval Register on 30 January 1970.

“There was not a dry eye” that day as she and O’Bannon were decommissioned at Pearl Harbor. She was subsequently sold with Radford and Renshaw for $85,333 each and towed to Zidell Marine, Portland, Oregon, where she was subsequently scrapped.