Founder Vane Scott at the Radford Museum, Newcomerstown, Ohio in 2002.

“Deliverance” — sculpture commemorating the rescue of the Helena (CL 50) crew after the Battle of Kula Gulf, 6 July 1943.

Vane Scott is great
and the museum is wonderful.

— John Stone, gunnery officer, Nicholas, 1942–44.
The USS Radford National Naval Museum, 220 West Canal Street, Newcomerstown, Ohio (740-498-4446), was located off Exit 65 of Interstate 77, north of the intersection with Interstate 70. It contained artifacts, keepsakes, large uniform collections, photos and related wartime items, and a DesRon 21 room with a plaque for each of the ships of the original World War II squadron.

Founded by Vane Scott, president of the USS Radford Association, it opened to the public following the Radford reunion there in September 2001. It was located adjacent to the Temperance Tavern Museum, formerly an Ohio canal and stagecoach stopover with displays dedicated to native sons Cy Young and Woody Hayes.

The Radford Museum closed in May 2011 following Vane Scott’s passing. Its assets have been moved to the USS Orleck Naval Museum at Lake Charles, Louisiana.