Col. Robert Dunlap, USMC

Naval History & Heritage Command photo NH 49776.

Col. Robert Dunlap, USMC.

Robert H. Dunlap was born 22 December 1879 at Washington and was appointed second lieutenant in the Marine Corps 8 August 1898. In 1900, during the Spanish-American War, he served with distinction in the Philippines and China, taking part in the Battle of Tientsin of the Boxer Rebellion. In 1914, he also participated in the occupation of Vera Cruz, Mexico.

For distinguished service as regimental commander during the Meuse-Argonne campaign in World War I, he was awarded a citation certificate by Commander-in-Chief, A.E.F., the French Fourragere and the Navy Cross. In 1928 he served in Nicaragua and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and the Medal of Merit of Nicaragua.

Brigadier General Dunlap lost his life in attempting to rescue a woman caught in a landslide in France, 19 May 1931.