The Star in my Window
There are stars in many windows
For the fearless and the bold;
But the Blue Star in my window
Has been changed to one of gold

The Blue Star in my window
On a field of White
Was for my husband, Frank
He was dressed in Navy Blue.

He left his home and family
On October 6th, in ’42
And when he returned to Toledo
He was dressed in Navy Blue

On to Great Lakes and Boston,
New York and Trinidad,
Casablanca, South America!
’Twas the distance made us sad.

And as the time passed on
He kept sailing farther away,
Thru the Panama Canal
Out California way.

He stopped at Pearl Harbor
On his way o’er the Pacific
And the battles he was in
Must have been terrific

Then with two compartments gone,
They came back for repairs,
And the men all hurried home
To those loved ones of theirs

Fifteen months of it
On the destroyer Spence
Frank was happy to be home,
He was tired, he was tense.

Those furlough days were happy days
In every little way;
But they passed too swiftly
And he must be on his way.

Back to Frisco and his ship
But not out to Sea.
They would be in another month
And he wanted to be with me.
I was quickly on my way
My Sailor-boy to see;
He was waiting at the pier
And almost smothered me.

We were so gay together,
Yes! Those were happy days
And all his free hours
Were spent with me always.

I oft went to the beach
Gazed o’er the Sea, so vast.
Then came October fifth
That dreaded day—at last

He didn’t want to say “Good-Bye”
He didn’t want to go!
Whatever made him feel that way,
I guess we’ll never know.

The time was passing fast
There was no happiness, no joy;
In that—my last “Good-Bye”
To Frank, my Sailor-boy.

He had been in two more battles
He wrote from a foreign shore.
Those letters I’ll always cherish
For I’ll never receive any more.

’Twas the 18th of December
Nineteen Hundred Forty-four,
That typhoon came along
And the Spence was no more

I will never see my Frank again,
He will never more caress me
For he is in his Heaven
And the Spence was no more.

That is all I know
All that I’ve been told;
Now that Blue Star in my window
Has been changed to one of Gold.

That Gold Star in my window,
On a field of White
Is for my beloved husband
In his “Blue Heaven” tonight.