Lt. Edward Moale, Jr., born at Little Rock, Arkansas on 10 September 1866, was appointed a naval cadet in 1882 and commissioned an ensign on 1 July 1889. As an officer on board gunboat Helena in 1898, he took part in operations against Spanish land and naval forces at Santiago de Cuba, including the naval battle of 3 July. Helena subsequently sailed east, around the Cape of Good Hope, and across the Indian Ocean to the Philippines. There, Lieutenant Moale participated in operations, off northern Luzon, to assist the U.S. Army during the Philippine Insurrection, 1890‑1900. Lieutenant Moale later served in Scindia, San Francisco, Chicago, and Brooklyn. He died 23 October 1903, at Baltimore, Maryland, from illness contracted during land operations in the Cagayan Valley swamps in 1899.