George Edmund Badger, born at New Bern, North Carolina on 13 April 1795 was graduated from Yale in 1813 and studied law in Raleigh, N.C. Elected to the state legislature in 1816, he was judge of the Superior Court at Raleigh from 1820 to 1825.

Appointed Secretary of the Navy by President Harrison in 1841, he resigned after Harrison’s death. Elected to the Senate in 1846 and again in 1848, at the expiration of his term in 1854 he retired from public life and devoted himself completely to his law practice.

An active opponent of secession, after his state passed its 1861 ordinance of secession he continued to be known as a member of the conservative element and attempted to exert a moderating influence. He died in Raleigh 11 May 1866.

A vigorous speaker and debater, Badger was known for the depth of his research.

Source: Naval Historical Center, DANFS.