Named jointly in honor of two brothers, distinguished in action in the War of 1812.

Lt. Peter Gamble, was born in Bordentown, N.J.; appointed midshipman 16 January 1809; served on Macdonough's flagship Saratoga in the Battle of Lake Champlain, being killed in action while in the act of sighting his gun 11 September 1814. Macdonough deplored his loss and commended his gallantry in action.

Lt. Col. John M. Gamble, USMC, was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1791; appointed 2d Lt. 16 January 1809; and distinguished himself by coolness and bravery in many enterprises, including critical encounters with hostile natives of the Marquesa Islands during the absence of frigate Essex in 1813, and sailing a prize of Essex, with only a four-man crew and without benefit of a chart in a remarkable 17-day voyage to the Hawaiian Islands. He was breveted a Lt. Col. 3 March 1827 and died in New York 11 September 1836.