Halford (DD 480).
Six 2,100-tonners Hutchins, Pringle, Stanly, Stevens, Halford and Leutze, were earmarked as floatplane tenders. Stanly, Stevens and Halford were completed in this configuration, but it proved impractical, so they were soon refitted, initially with 20mm singles between 5-inch mounts 53 and 54. Installation of the catapult on the other three ships was suspended before they were commissioned.
    Primary: 4 x 5-inch/38 cal. in five single mounts
    Long-range anti-aircraft: 2 x 40mm Bofors in one twin mount
    Short-range anti-aircraft: 6–8 x 20mm Oerlikon in single mounts
    Torpedo Tubes: 5 x 21-inch in one quintuple mount
    ASW: 2 racks for 600-lb. charges; 6 “K”-guns for 300-lb. charges

Sources: Davis, Friedman, Reilly, NARA photos.