RESTRICTED              December 17, 1945.

From: Rear Admiral Lyal A. Davidson, U.S.N.
To : Secretary of the Navy.
Via : Admiral H.K. Hewitt, U.S.N., former Commander U.S. Naval Forces, Northwest African Waters.

Subject: Naval Unit Commendation, recommending U.S.S. HILARY P. JONES for.


    (a) CO H.P. JONES conf ltr DD427/A16-3/A9/JS(20) dated 1 Sept. 1944.
    (b) CO H.P. JONES conf ltr DD427/A16-3/A9/he(41) dated 12 Sept. 1944.
    (c) CO K.P. JONES conf ltr DD427/A16-3/A9/he(48) dated 1 0ct. 1944.
    (d) CCD-8 conf ltr FB3-8/A16-3(0186) of 14 Oct. 1944.
    (e) Com8thFlt conf ltr A16-3)01554) of 19 Oct. 1944.
    (f) CCD-8 conf ltr FB3-8/A16-3(0234) of 31 Oct. 1944.
    (g) CCD-8 conf ltr FB3-8/A16~3(0232) of 31 Oct. 1944.
    (h) Com8thFlt conf ltr A16-3(01708) of 17 Nov. 1944.
    (i) CDS-7 secret ltr OF6-7/A16-3/00/FS(00221) of 2 Dec. 1944.
    (j) CCD-8 secret ltr FB3-0/Al6-3(0066) of 27 Dec. 1944.
    (k) Alnav 224, dated 18 Dec. 1944.

Enclosure: (A) Suggested Citation.

   1.     Reference (j) recommended the H.P. JONES for a unit citation for her outstanding actions in the Mediterranean for reasons as cited in detail in references (a) through (i).

   2.     During the invasion of Southern France from 15 August 1944 to 29 September 1944 the H.P. JONES’ outstanding performance against the enemy was not equalled by other destroyers of the gunfire support group. Alert to enemy menace from the sea, from the land, and from the air, the officers and men of the H.P. JONES during the campaign in the Mediterranean have individually and collectively displayed courage, resourcefulness and intrepidity under enemy fire which enabled them to engage and destroyer two human torpedoes and one explosive boat and assisted in the possible destruction of two midget submarines, and in the positive destruction of an E-boat while screening other forces of the bombardment group.

   3.     The ship was constantly exposed to the hazards of enemy counter battery fire while firing a total of 3623 round at fixed end mobile shore objectives with devastating results. Particularly outstanding were her bombardments of San Remo, Italy on 17 and 18 September 1944 and Part Maurizio, Italy on 18 September 1944 as the result of which the following damage was reported:

San Remo

17 September 1011-1110. Large oil fire in storage tank; Coastal freighter hit - 200 ft. - large oil fire started - stern later seen aground; One "MAS” boat 20 tons damaged by near miss.

San Remo

18 September 0707-0830. Three ammunition barges exploded - resembled “F” lighter without AA armament; One 88mm gun destroyed, flak battery silenced; Tug damaged with direct hit; Four or five small scows destroyed; two “MAS” boats 23 tons destroyed; Three “MAS” boats 15 tans destroyed; Two ammunition dumps blown up on beach; Coastal freighter – 200 ft. damaged 17 September – direct hits, left burning, still burning ton hours later; Jetty fired and explosive stored detonated.

San Remo

18 September 1830-1900. Several small and one large explosion vicinity of 200 ft. coastal freighter previously damaged.


18 September 1727-1817. 88mm dual purpose gun knocked out; Flak battery neutralized; Large ammunition dump blown up; Explosive stores burned and exploded on jetty and on beach; One small ship destroyed – “FC” or “MAS” 20 tons; Four or five “MAS” 15 tons destroyed; two or three smaller boats destroyed.

   4.     Throughout the entire period every department of the ship and every member of the ship's company in a record of performance of duty under arduous, trying, and perilous conditions which left nothing to be desired. It is strongly recommended that the Secretary of the Navy be requested to consider the case of the U.S.S. HILARY P. JONES for the award of the Naval Unit Commendation, reference (k). Suggested citation is attached herewith as enclosure (A).

   5.     Delay in submission of this recommendation has been occasioned by the extended hospitalization of the writer.

cc: H.P. JONES          /s/ L.A. DAVIDSON.