Probably USS Hambleton (DD 455) and an escort carrier in the Atlantic during World War II.
Sixty-six 1,630-ton Gleaves-class destroyers served in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific. Two were authorized in fiscal year 1938 and laid down at Bath Iron Works. Eight more were authorized in both 1939 and ’40. Known during World War II as the Livermore class for the low-numbered ship of this group, they were built in pairs at Bath and Federal and at navy yards. A final 48 ships were authorized in 1941–42. These plus the “repeat Bensons” were collectively known at the time as the Bristol class.


Following the conclusion of operations in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, 24 1,630-tonners were converted as destroyer-minesweepers (DMS) for operations in the Pacific: twelve as MinRon 20 in 1944, which saw action at Okinawa; twelve more in 1945, too late to see action before the end of the war.


At Guadalcanal in 1942, Duncan was lost at the Battle of Cape Esperance, 12 October, Meredith to air attack, 15 October, and Monssen at the Battle of Guadalcanal, 13 November. In 1943, Aaron Ward was lost to air attack off Guadalcanal, sinking off Florida island before she could be beached 7 April; and Gwin was torpedoed at the Battle of Kolombangara 13 July.

In the Atlantic and Mediterranean, Ingraham was lost in collision with oiler Chemung off Nova Scotia on 22 August 1942; Maddox to a German dive bomber off Gela, Sicily on 10 July 1943; Bristol to a submarine torpedo en route to Oran on 13 October; Beatty to a German aerial torpedo off Cape Bourgaroun, Algeria on 6 November; and Turner to an explosion while at anchor off Sandy Hook, New Jersey on 3 January 1944. Corry and Glennon were lost during the Normandy invasion on 6 and 8 June 1944 respectively.

Emmons, one of the minesweepers converted in 1944, was was lost to suicide planes at Okinawa on 6 April 1945. Forrest, Harding, Butler and Shubrick were also damaged beyond repair at Okinawa.


Buchanan received the Presidential Unit Citation for her tour in the Solomon Islands, 1942–44. Hobson also received the Presidential Unit Citation as part of a USS Bogue anti-submarine task group in the Atlantic.

Plunkett and Woolsey each received the Navy Unit Commendation for their roles in the Mediterranean Sea. Rodman, Emmons, Macomb and Butler each received the Navy Unit Commendation for action off Okinawa as fast minesweeper conversions.

Gleaves class