This web site presents two first-person accounts of the battle:
  • Vining Sherman, Capt. USN (Ret.) and OOD of Dunlap during the battle: The Battle of Vella Gulf, reproduced from the Naval Institute Proceedings, January 1945, with the kind permission of the US Naval Institute.
  • The Battle of Vella Gulf from Crest of the Wave, Memoirs of a Naval Officer, privately published by Russell S. Crenshaw, Jr. Capt. USN (Ret.) and used by permission.

Two books from the Naval Institute Press also contain fine first-person accounts of the Battle of Vella Gulf: South Pacific Destroyer by Maury’s executive officer, Capt. Russell S. Crenshaw, Jr., USN, and Japanese Destroyer Captain by Shigure’s commanding officer Capt. Tameichi Hara, IJN (originally published by Ballantine Books in 1961).