The President of the United States takes pleasure in commending the


for service as follows:

“For outstanding heroism in action against enemy Japanese aerial forces in the Okinawa Area on May 4, 1945. Assigned with another destroyer and four small support craft to Radar Picket Station One, thirty miles northwest of Okinawa, the U.S.S. INGRAHAM was taken under attack by approximately fifty Japanese aircraft. Fighting gallantly despite sustained bombing runs of the enemy, she destroyed six hostile planes and assisted in downing three others before one of five coordinating suicide planes crushed her deck with a terrific explosion which ripped a thirty-foot hole in her port side. Settling rapidly, with all power to the forward mounts lost, she continued to give battle to enemy planes by firing Mount Three in local control, while repair parties localized the flooding, shored up strategic places and jettisoned all possible topside weight, thereby keeping her afloat. Superbly handled by courageous officers and men throughout one and one-half hours of furious action against great odds, the INGRAHAM rendered valiant service and upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.”

All personnel attached to and serving on board the U.S.S. INGRAHAM on May 4, 1945, are authorized to wear the NAVY UNIT COMMENDATION Ribbon.

For the President,

/s/ James Forrestal
Secretary of the Navy

Source: NARA Modern Military Records (NECTM). Textual Archives Services Division.