Harry E. Hubbard (DD 748), flagship of DesRon 64, 21 July 1944.
Destroyer Squadron 64
Destroyer Division 127
USS Harry E. Hubbard (DD 748), flag
USS Alfred A. Cunningham (DD 752)
USS John R. Pierce (DD 753)
USS Frank E. Evans (DD 754)
USS John A. Bole (DD 755)
Destroyer Division 128
USS Lofberg (DD 759)
USS John W. Thomason (DD 760)
USS Buck (DD 761)
USS Henley (DD 762)

Destroyer Squadron 64
World War II Operations

DesRon 64 World War II operations
As builders changed over from the “short hull” Allen M. Sumner class to its “long hull” variant, the Gearing class, Sumner deliveries began to taper off.

Destroyer Squadron 64 was—after DesRons 60, 61 and 62, MinRon 3 and DesRons 66 and 63—the seventh and last squadron of Allen M. Sumner-class 2,200-tonners. While six ships operated in the Pacific before World War II ended, administratively, the squadron consisted of nine ships as follows:

Of DesDiv 127, Harry E. Hubbard, Alfred A. Cunningham, Frank E. Evans and John A. Bole earned service stars at Okinawa. Of DesDiv 128, only Lofberg was delivered before the war ended.