English (DD 696), flagship of DesRon 62.

Destroyer Squadron 62
World War II Operations

DesRon 62 World War II operations
Destroyer Squadron 62 was the third squadron of Allen M. Sumner-class 2,200-tonners to form in the Pacific. The squadron was composed of nine ships built at Federal, Kearny, New Jersey and commissioned between May and September 1944 as follows:
Destroyer Squadron 62
Destroyer Division 123
USS English (DD 696), flag
USS Charles S. Sperry (DD 697)
USS Ault (DD 698)
USS Waldron (DD 699)
USS Haynsworth
(DD 700)
Destroyer Division 124
USS John W. Weeks (DD 701)
USS Hank (DD 702)
USS Wallace L. Lind (DD 703)
USS Borie (DD 704)
All except Borie fleeted in in time to support the landings at Lingayen Gulf, Luzon in January 1945. The full squadron operated in the Iwo Jima assault and occupation in February.

Off Okinawa in April, Haynsworth was badly damaged by a suicide strike on the 6th. She retired to the West Coast for repairs and did not return to the war zone during the war. Hank also sustained damage from a strike on the 11th.

Less Haynsworth, the squadron joined the Third Fleet off Japan during the summer. On 9 August, Hank—for the second time—and Borie became the last two American destroyers struck by suicide aircaft in the war.