The President of the United States takes pleasure in commending the


for service as follows:

“For extremely meritorious service during Salvage Operations after the U.S.S. PRINCETON had been critically damaged by enemy Japanese action in the Battle off Samar, October 24, 1944. Undeterred by foul weather, fires raging on the flight and hanger decks of the stricken carrier and a series of violent internal explosions, the U.S.S. MORRISON gallantly went alongside. Becoming wedged between the stacks of the PRINCETON as the wind steadily rose and rain reduced visibility, the MORRISON rode in irons for almost an hour and, with heavy debris falling on her decks and communications handled by word of mouth, efficiently rigged hoses and aided fire fighting parties, standing by the carrier until fires were under control. Later, when a terrific explosion blew off the major portion of the PRINCETON's stern she immediately dispatched boats to assist in the rescue of survivors and recovered almost 400 men from the sea. Her high standards of loyalty and service as evidenced by the self-sacrificing devoted duty of her officers and men reflect the highest credit upon the MORRISON and the United States Naval Service.”

All personnel attached to and serving on board the U.S.S. MORRISON on October 24, 1944, are authorized to wear the NAVY UNIT COMMENDATION Ribbon.

For the President,

/s/ James Forrestal
Secretary of the Navy

Source: NARA Modern Military Records (NECTM). Textual Archives Services Divison.