Charrette (DD 581).
Prescribed by the Vice Chief of Naval Operations in June 1943: 40mm twin Bofors became available in greater numbers and were mounted forward, replacing all 20mm in the vicinity of the bridge. By then, all new construction was low-bridge ships, where there was room for directors on the bridge wings. On high-bridge ships receiving this arrangement as a modification, there was no room for directors on the bridge wings so they were mounted on the flying bridge:
    Primary: 5 x 5-inch/38 cal. in five single mounts
    Long-range anti-aircraft: 10 x 40mm Bofors in five twin mounts
    Short-range anti-aircraft: 7 x 20mm Oerlikon in single mounts
    Torpedo Tubes: 10 x 21-inch in two quintuple mounts
    ASW: 2 racks for 600-lb. charges; 6 “K”-guns for 300-lb. charges

Sources: Bath Iron Works Engineering Drawings, Davis, Friedman, Reilly