Ringgold (DD 500).
Prescribed by the Vice Chief of Naval Operations in February 1943: The fantail proved too wet for a director, but additional 40mm twin Bofors were becoming available. One could be fitted on each site in the way of the after stack, with directors above them, replacing the 36-inch searchlights, which were moved to the forward stack. 20mm Oerlikons were still used forward, with one fitted on centerline sponson forward of the pilot house, plus as many as three on the flying bridge.
    Primary: 5 x 5-inch/38 cal. in five single mounts
    Long-range anti-aircraft: 6 x 40mm Bofors in three twin mounts
    Short-range anti-aircraft: 8 to 13 x 20mm Oerlikon in single mounts
    Torpedo Tubes: 10 x 21-inch in two quintuple mounts
    ASW: 2 racks for 600-lb. charges; 6 “K”-guns for 300-lb. charges

Sources: Bath Iron Works Engineering Drawings, Davis, Friedman, Reilly