Length: 259' 6" overall.

Beam: 22' 3" extreme.

Displacement: 433 long tons normal.

Draft: 9' 5" maximum.

Propulsion machinery: 2 vertical inverted triple-expansion engines; 8,300 ihp; 2 shafts.

Designed speed: 30 knots.


Torpedo battery: 2 x 18-inch torpedo tubes in two trainable single mounts.

Gun battery: 2 x 3-inch/50 caliber rapid fire guns in single pedestal mounts; 6 x 6-pounders.

Designed and built by Maryland Steel, Truxtun, Whipple and Worden were laid down at its facility at Sparrows Point on Baltimore Harbor, Maryland on 13 November 1899, launched on 15 August 1901 and commissioned in September–December 1902. Their design differed from the Navy design for the Bainbridge class primarily in application of a turtleback forecastle.

The trio was regarded as successful. After careers that lasted through World War I, all three were stricken from the Navy list on 15 September 1919 and sold on 3 January 1920 as banana carriers. Whipple was scrapped only in 1956.

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