USS Sampson (Torpedo Boat Destroyer No. 63).
Sampson class

Length: 315' 3" overall.

Beam: 30' 6-1/2" extreme.

Displacement: 1,111–1,071 long tons normal.

Draft: 9' 5-3/4" mean.

Propulsion machinery: geared steam turbines; 17,000 shp; 2 shafts.

Designed speed: 29.5 knots.

Fuel bunkerage: 307 tons.

Designed complement: 6 officers; 96 enlisted.


Torpedo battery: 12 x 21-inch torpedo tubes in four trainable triple mounts.

Gun battery: 4 x 4-inch/50 caliber rapid fire guns in single pedestal mounts.

In 1915, Congress authorized six more ships (torpedo boat destroyers Nos. 63–68): Sampson and Rowan from Fore River, Davis and Allen from Bath, Wilkes from Cramp and, for the first time, Shaw from California’s Mare Island Navy Yard.

The Sampson class differed from the preceding Tucker class mainly in the increase in torpedo battery to twelve tubes. The Caldwell-class flush deckers that followed were similar to the Sampsons in overall length, general arrangement and armament.

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