Length: 248' 8" overall.

Beam: 24' 6" extreme.

Displacement: 408 long tons normal.

Draft: 10' 3" (Hopkins) 10' 6" (Hull)maximum.

Propulsion machinery: 2 vertical inverted triple-expansion engines; 7,200 ihp; 2 shafts.

Designed speed: 29 knots.


Torpedo battery: 2 x 18-inch torpedo tubes in two trainable single mounts.

Gun battery: 2 x 3-inch/50 caliber rapid fire guns in single pedestal mounts; 5 x 6-pounders.

Designed and built by Harlan & Hollingsworth, Hopkins and Hull differed from the Navy's design for the Bainbridge class primarily in the substitution of a turtleback forecastle on a flush-deck hull. The pair was designed to achieve a high trial speed on flat water, but this came at the expense of seaworthiness.

Both operated in World War I. Post-war, they were retired, stricken from the Navy list in the fall of 1919 and sold in 1920.

Sources: Bauer & Roberts; Naval History & Heritage Command including the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.