USS Aylwin (Torpedo Boat Destroyer No. 47) runs trials.

Length: 305' 3" overall.

Beam: 30' 4" extreme.

Displacement: 1,015–1,018 long tons normal.

Draft: 9' 3" mean.

Propulsion machinery: direct drive steam turbines with reciprocating engines for cruising; 12,000 shp; 2 shafts.

Designed speed: 29.5 knots.

Fuel bunkerage: 307 tons.


Torpedo battery: 8 x 18-inch torpedo tubes in four trainable twin mounts.

Gun battery: 4 x 4-inch/50 caliber rapid fire guns in single pedestal mounts.

Aylwin class
The US Navy’s second class of 1,000-ton torpedo boat destroyers authorized in 1912 was similar to the Cassin class—four more ships authorized in 1912 and completed by Cramp at Philadelphia in 1913–14: Aylwin, Parker, Benham and Balch (torpedo boat destroyers Nos. 47–50). The four were slightly heavier than the Cassins, but other particulars were unchanged.

In 1917, Benham received experimental 4-inch twin mounts but these were removed before she was sent to the war zone.

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