USS Gosselin (APD 126).

Length: “Long hull” 306' 0" x 300' 0".

Molded beam: 36' 7".

Displacement: 1,400 long tons standard.

Draft: Light: 8' 3"; Limiting: 12' 7"

Complement: Officers: 12–15; Enlisted: 189-192.

Shaft horsepower: 12,000.

Speed: Trial: 23.7 knots.

Screws: Two.

Rudders: Two.

Stacks: One.

Range: 6,000 nautical miles at 12 knots.


Armament: 1 x 5-inch/38 dual purpose gun; 3 x twin 40mm gun; 6 x single 20mm gun; 2 x depth charge tracks.


Troop capacity: Officers: 12; Enlisted: 150.

Troop accoutrements:

4 x LCVP landing craft; 6 x 1/4 ton trucks; 2 x 1 ton trucks; 4 x ammunition carts; 4 x pack howitzers.

Ammunition: 6,000 cubic feet.

General cargo: 3,500 cubic feet.

Gasoline: 1,000 cubic feet.

Ninety-four Buckley- and Rudderow-class destroyer escorts were converted as fast transports (APDs) to supplement the 32 flush-deck Green Dragons. Conversion of four more ships, Witter, Scott, Borum and Maloy, was planned but canceled. Conversion of a fifth ship, England, was commenced but abandoned when the war ended.


Gosselin was present with Admiral Halsey’s Flagship Task Group when the Third Fleet entered Sagami Wan, 27 August 1945, and in the first task group to enter Tokyo Bay the following day.


Loy received the Navy Unit Commendation in recognition of her record at Okinawa.

Destroyer escorts converted as APDs

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