The second Coghlan (DD 606) was launched 12 February 1942 by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Co., Inc., San Francisco, Calif.; sponsored by Mrs. G. Coghlan, commissioned 10 July 1942, Lieutenant Commander B. F. Tompkins in command; and reported to the Pacific Fleet.

Like other ships of Destroyer Squadron 14, Coghlan spent time in the Aleutians. She sailed from San Francisco 22 September 1942 for Pearl Harbor and Kodiak, Alaska, arriving 13 October for convoy and patrol duty. She supported Army landings on Amchatka 12 January 1943, and participated in the bombardment of Gibson Island at the entrance of Chicago Harbor 18 February. On 20 February, she aided in the sinking of a Japanese merchantman. On 15 March she cleared Dutch Harbor with a force to patrol against Japanese shipping south and west of Kiska to prevent reinforcement of enemy-held Attu. On 26 March her group turned a larger Japanese force back in the Battle of the Komandorski Islands. In this action, Coghlan screened Richmond (CL-9), and laid smoke for the disabled Salt Lake City (CL-25). She bombarded Holtz and Chicago Harbors 26 April, and with the southern support group covered the landings on Attu from 11 May to 2 June. Overhauled at San Francisco in July, Coghlan returned to Adak on 13 August for two final weeks on patrol in the Aleutians. (continued)