Laffey in the Pacific in 1942.
One Benson- and one Gleaves-class destroyer, Laffey and Buchanan, were awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for action in the Solomon Islands. A second Gleaves, Hobson, was part of a USS Bogue anti-submarine task group in the Atlantic, April 1943–July 1944.
USS Buchanan (DD 484) USS Hobson (DD 463) USS Laffey (DD 459)

Four more unconverted destroyers, Hilary P. Jones, Plunkett and Woolsey in the Mediterranean and Bailey in the Pacific, plus four destroyer-minesweepers, Rodman, Emmons, Macomb and Butler at Okinawa, were awarded the Navy Unit Commendation.
USS Bailey (DD 492) USS Butler (DD 636) USS Emmons (DD 457) USS Hilary P. Jones (DD 427)
USS Macomb (DD 458) USS Plunkett (DD 431) USS Rodman (DD 456) USS Woolsey (DD 437)