Actions presently or soon to be described in this section include:
  • The Battle of Tassafaronga, the last major surface action of the Guadalcanal operation, 30 November 1942.
  • The Battle of Rennell Island, an air attack south of Guadalcanal, 29–30 January 1943.
  • The Battle of Vella Gulf, Commander Frederick Moosbrugger’s victory over Japanese destroyers off Kolombangara, 6–7 August 1943.
  • The Battle of Empress Augusta Bay, Rear Admiral “Tip” Merrill’s successful defense of the landing beaches at Bougainville, 2 November 1943.
  • The Battle of Cape St. George, Captain Arleigh Burke’s “Little Beavers’” victory over Japanese destroyers, 25 November 1943.
  • The Battle of Surigao Strait in defense of the transport area following landings at Leyte, 24–25 October 1944.
  • The Battle off Samar in defense of an escort carrier formation surprised by a Japanese battle group, 25 October 1944.
Actions described elsewhere on this web site include: