LCdr. Heywood L. Edwards

Source: USS Heywood L. Edwards World War II cruise book.

LCdr. Heywood Lane Edwards, USN.

Heywood Lane Edwards was born at San Saba, Texas, 9 November 1905 and was graduated from the Naval Academy in 1926.

After serving in battleship Florida, cruiser Reno and other ships, he underwent submarine instruction in 1931, served in several submarines, and was assigned to cruiser Detroit in 1935.

On 6 April 1942, LCdr. Edwards assumed command of Reuben James, which in March 1941 joined the convoy escort force established to ensure the safe arrival of war materials to Britain.

On 23 October 1941, the “Rube” sailed from Argentia, Newfoundland in the escort of convoy HX-156. At about 0525 on 31 October, she was torpedoed by German submarine U-562. Her magazine exploded, and she sank quickly. Of the crew, 44 survived but 115 were lost, including LCdr. Edwards.