The Battle of Manila Bay by J. G. Tyler (NH 71839-KN).
Charles Vernon Gridley was born at Logansport, Indiana on 24 November 1844 and was appointed to the Naval Academy in 1860.

Reporting for duty with his class in September 1863, Gridley joined sloop-of-war Oneida with the West Gulf Blockading Squadron and distinguished himself with Adm. Farragut’s force at the Battle of Mobile Bay, 5 August 1864.

Promoted lieutenant in 1867 and commander in 1882, he spent the next thirty years at various stations around the world, including a tour as instructor at the Naval Academy.

Captain Gridley took command of Olympia, Admiral Dewey’s flagship, 27 April 1898, a post he held despite failing health during the Battle of Manila Bay 1 May 1898, which began when Dewey ordered, “You may fire when you are ready, Gridley.”

After the battle and the capture of Manila, Gridley left his command because of his health and died en route to the United States at Kobe, Japan, 25 May 1898.